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Hike Metal Products Custom Manufactured Boat and Ship Builders QA

  • Documented purchase orders ensure only the highest quality materials are used and commit suppliers to that guarantee.
  • Hull lofting is computerized ensuring hull line accuracy all the way through the manufacturing process.
  • New steel, spec graded, is wheelabrated & primed, giving the customer a first advantage over the battle against rust and corrosion.
  • Welding quality is assured with our certification through the “Canadian Welding Bureau”, a division of C.S.A. as well as pressure welding through the province.
  • Propeller shaft lines, logs and support struts are “align bored” ensuring minimum pre-mature bearing & propeller shaft wear as well as minimizing vibration
  • All electronic systems are tested to prove reliability and safety.
  • Electrical panels are pre-tested for functionality. All circuits are megar tested for design loads and continuity.
  • Propulsion engine installations are audited by the selected engine providers to ensure conformance with their installation standards and that they will provide reliable performance for the duration .  All controls, gauges, switches etc are inspected and functionally tested prior to performance sea trials and delivery to the customer.
  • Routine detail inspections are performed continually throughout the build process and prior to sea-trials to ensure that the vessel meets our stringent quality standards, and exceeds our customers expectations.
  • These examples outline only a few of our fully documented QA procedures and methods adopted in order to achieve our prime objective, “to deliver a quality built vessel which gives its owner many years of problem free operation.”

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