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Hike Metal Products-Dealer of Airlift Hovercraft to USA and Canada (exclusive)

USA Canada Hike Metal Products Airlift Pioneer Hovercraft Model PK3                 

Pioneer Model MK3:

Designed specifically for the tourist and transport industries, the Pioneer Mk3 hovercraft is amphibious and comfortably seats 25 passengers plus 1-crew. The air-conditioned cabin allows for maximum comfort and the wrap around windows provide outstanding visibility for all aboard.

Pioneer Model MK3 Technical Specifications

Length 12.15 metres
Width 5.7 metres
Cockpit length 5.7 metres
Cockpit width 2.5 metres
Cushion height 690mm
Max recommend speed 92 km/hr (50 kts) on smooth water
  36 km/hr (20 kts) on land
Cruising speed 50 to 75 km/hr (27 to 40 kts)
Crew 1 operator/pilot
Accommodation Without toilet – 25 passengersWith toilet – 24 passengers
Normal payload 2,800kgs
Overload Payload Up to 3,200kg (at reduced performance).
Engine Two units Steyr M16, 160kW  (215hp) @ 3600rpm.
Propellors In flight adjustable and reversible. 5-blades carbon fiber. Counter rotation (Port is clockwise, Starboard is anti-clockwise)
Lift Fan Hydraulic drive mixed flow with stator. Carbon / Epoxy construction.
Fuel Diesel, 2 x 30 litres plus 2 x 300 litres useable ballast tanks (up to 660 litres)
Hull construction Vinyl-ester resin infusion moulded into E-glass fabric and Corecell® sandwich. Selected structural parts are Epoxy resin and Carbon Fiber.
Skirt type Pressurised bag tapered from front to back with larger sections at the front for improved wave clearance. All fingers are separate and detachable.
Area of operation USL Class C / Class D. Partailly smooth waters


Hike Metal Products USA Canada Hovercraft Flyer

The Hoverflyer Model 580

The 580 HoverFlyer’s suitability to perform diverse operations is endless. Some of those include seismic surveying, aquaculture, weed spraying, flood rescue, stock feeding and oil rig support. Additionally, private owners take full advantage of the HoverFlyer as a yacht tender, to access fishing, diving, holiday house and hunting.

Hoverflyer 580 Technical Specifications

Length 5.80 metres
Width 2.35 metres
Cockpit length 3.1 metres
Cockpit width 1.5 metres
Cushion height 350mm front, 320mm rear
Max recommend speed 35 knots on smooth water
  40 knots on smooth hard surface
  50 knots on ice
Cruising speed 25 to 30 knots
  Light – 25 kts gusting to 30 kts
Crew 1 operator/pilot
Accommodation 5-6 Passengers in survey
  6-7 non-survey
Payload 600 kg
Overload Payload 700 kg (reduced performance)
Lift engine Briggs & Stratton Vee Twin, OHV,
air-cooled, 15kW (20 hp).
Thrust engine Subaru EJ22, DOHC, EFI, at 120kW (160hp).
Fuel/Petrol Petrol
Hull construction Hand laid non-woven E-glass/ PVC foam core.
Skirt type Pressurised bag and fingers
Area of operation All USL class E waters


Hike Metal Products USA Canada Airlift Hoverflyer Rescue The Work-Horse of ACV's

The Work Horse of the Airlift Hovercraft, The Rivac 650 – 680

Several key design features make the RIVAC 680 a stand out hovercraft, for both commercial and private users. The low skirt pressure design makes it less sensitive to skirt damage or terrain porosity; the semi-inflatable construction provides a large and stable work platform with excellent lifting capacity; the inflatable collar provides a resilient buffer around the perimeter of the hull; the petrol engine is a standard automotive type with fuel injection for safety and economy; and all fuel and exhaust systems are made from fire proof and corrosion resistant materials.

RIVAC 650 – 680 Technical Specifications

Length 7.13 m (23.4′) to 8.5 m (27.9′)
Width 6.80 m (22.3′)
Cockpit length 2.98 metres (9.8′) plus
Cockpit width 1.44 metres (4.7′)
Cushion height  365mm (14″)
Max recommend speed 65km/hr (35 knots)
Cruising speed Up to 55km/hr (30 knots)
Crew  1 crew
Accommodation 6 to 8 passengers
Payload 550 kg
Overload Payload 650kg (1433lbs), 800kg (1764lbs) overload in good conditions, reduced performance
Engine The engine may alternatively be a petrol engine for spirited performance or a diesel engine for increased economy and safety.
Hull construction Rigid centre part containing machinery and accommodating. Inflatable outer part for increase in lift area, additional flotation and protection of inner hull.
Skirt type Pressurised bag, detachable fingers
Area of operation

All USL class D and some class C waters.