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Hike Metal Custom Built Research VesselsCustom Built Research Ship by Hike Metal Products Ontario, Canada This Custom built Research vessel for the University of Maryland Christened the “Rachel Carson” is specifically designed to provide a stable platform for decades of service to UMCES scientists.  In addition to her shallow draft, and rapid station to station speed capability, the vessel included a State-of-the-Art dynamic positioning system which allows the vessel to maintain position over one location  regardless of wind and current. Outfitted with a trio of powerful winches allows scientists to deploy and retrieve multiple buoys and sampling devices over the side or stern. Built-in electronic sensors continuously measure the water quality, biology and currents whether underway or on station.

Vessel Specifications and Particulars:

  • Class/Type:  Oceanographic Research Vessel
  • Certification:  U.S. Coast Guard Letter of Designation as Oceanographic Research Vessel
  • Construction:    Aluminum
  • Length (LOA):    81′
  • Beam:  18′
  • Draft: 4′ 8″
  • Air Draft: 36′
  • Freeboard:   4′
  • Deadweight Tonnage: 60 long tons
  • Lightship Weight: 54 long tons
  • International Gross Tonnage: 78 tons
  • Speed:  1.5 kts. minimum to 23 kts. maximum
  • Main Deck Wet Lab Area:  112 square feet
  • Below Deck Dry Lab/Storage Area: 45 square feet
  • After Deck Work Area:  325 square feet
  • Owner: University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
  • Home Port: Solomons, Maryland
  • Scientific Party: Up to 5 overnight; maximum of 30 for educational cruises
  • Crew: Two (2):  Master, Mate
  • Main Engines: Twin MTU 10 V 2000 M-72 diesels, 2,410 Total Horsepower
  • Water Jets: Twin Hamilton HM 651
  • Bowthruster:  Wesmar V2-12 Electric Drive, 30 HP
  • Ship Service Generator: 99 kw, 120/208 VAC, 60 cycle, 3 phase Northern Lights
  • Hydraulics:  20 H.P. 2,500 psi system provides power to the aft and starboard A-frames

Vessel Navigation and Communication Equipment:

  • Kongsberg cPos Dynamic Positioning System
  • Trimble Differential GPS
  • Northstar 952X Differential GPS
  • Furuno 1964C Color Radar
  • Furuno 1832 Monochrome Radar
  • Furuno FCV 585 Color Video Depth Sounder
  • Furuno RD-30 Multi-display with 235 kHz Depth Smart Sensor
  • Furuno SC-50 Satellite Compass
  • Furuno AIS-150 Universal Automatic Identification System
  • Furuno FM-3000 VHF-FM Radios (two each)
  • Furuno LH-3000 Loudhailer
  • Furuno FS-1503 Single Sideband Radio
  • 3G WiFi Router with Aircard for internal internet access
  • Remote Video Monitoring System

Vessel Endurance:

The Rachel Carson can accommodate cruises of from 1 to 5 days duration.  The vessel will normally dock at the end of each day at home port or a marina.  Continuous underway time is limited to 12 hours a day.  Arrangements to replenish fuel, fresh water, and food supplies may have to be made from time-to-time during the course of a cruise.  The ship’s Master will work very closely with the Chief Scientist to make these arrangements, and every attempt will be made so as not to interfere with scientific operations.

The ship is large enough to transport research teams up and down the bay’s entire 184-mile length, yet runs shallow enough to allow scientists access to the smallest of critical Bay tributaries.

Custom Built Venezuelan Research Vessel Hike Metal ProductsCustom Built Venezuelan Research Vessel

This 74ft state of the art  vessel Christened the “El Bergantin” was specifically designed and built for sampling and testing water quality on Lake Maracaibo Venezuela, and adjacent offshore.

The vessel is fully air-conditioned and outfitted with a complete analytical laboratory located on the main deck aft,  accommodations and galley for a crew of eight including six scientists who can remain on research duties for up to several weeks at a time.

Other features include a 14ft (4.2m) RHIB, arranged for rapid deployment off the stern deck, a large swim/diving platform integral with the hull structure, and an array of sophisticated electronics for both inshore and offshore work.

Vessel Particulars:

  • Class – Research Vessel
  • Certification:  CCG/TCMS
  • Construction: All welded Aluminum
  • LOA: 74ft (22.6m)
  • Beam: 20ft (6.07m)
  • Gross Tonnage: 85
  • Speed: 25 Knots
  • Power: 2 x Detroit 12V92TA rated at 900 BHP each
  • Endurance: 7 to 21 days
  • Generators: 2 x 65KW Northern lights
  • Crew: 8 including 5 Scientists
  • Propulsion: Twin Screw Propellers
  • Hull Form: Planing type


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