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Custom Manufactured Search and Rescue Boats, CCGS VAKTA SAR 123

This custom built SAR Patrol Boat, the CCGS “VAKTA” is a 55ft. (16.76 m) multi-task Patrol and Work Boat that aids to Navigation as well as Search and Rescue activities on Lake Winnipeg. This Patrol boat is capable of operating in all weather conditions in semi-sheltered waters.  It is a station mode vessel, meaning that the crew does not live onboard, but is based out of a shore station, and her crew ensures maritime safety in support of the fishing industry as well as the large recreational boating community of Lake Winnipeg.

 CCGS VATKA Particulars

LOA: 16.76 m
LWL: 15.18 m
Draft: 3.14 m
Breadth: 4.65 m
Displacement: 25.88 MT
Installed Power: 2 x 490 BHP
BHP Max Speed: 25 Knots

Custom Manufactured Search and Rescue Boats CCGS SAR Sambro Hike Metal Products

Hike Metal Products Search and Rescue SAR Boat CCGS Sambro

CCGS Arrow Post Fisheries and Oceans Canada Fisheries Patrol / SAR Vessel CCGS “Arrow Post”,  Fisheries and Oceans Canada Patrol / SAR Vessel


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