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HIKE30 Series Patrol and Workboats For Law Enforcement Agencies

Hike Metal Products HIKE30 Series Patrol BoatsHeavy Duty Work Boats / Patrol Boats

Hike Metal Products is a Preferred Custom Commercial Workboat supplier to the Police, Sheriff and Law Enforcement Departments around the world.   Our HIKE30 Series Workboats are known as the “Workhorse” of the Commercial Boat Building Industry’s “Heavy Duty Workboats/Patrol Boats”.  All HIKE30 Series Work/Patrol Boats come with our Hike Metal Products 10 year written hull warranty. View the HIKE30 Series video here

HIKE30 Series Patrol and Workboat Design Features:

  • Hull lengths start at 30ft and grow incrementally to 38ft with the same beam and hull-form. ( Larger patrol boats share the same very successful hull form but increase in beam)
  • Vessel is of relatively low profile design for added stability and reduced air drag.
  • Wheelhouse has 360 degree visibility, permits good visibility while providing ample aft deck operations work area.
  • Visor windows permit visibility when working jointly with aircraft support, or higher objects.
  • Reversed angle windshield reduces dash glare and allows helmsman to position further forward without impeding dash and overhead mounted controls, instruments and electronic equipment.
  • Semi squared bow and push knee’s provides flat sections for pushing or nosing up to another boat without damage.
  • Streamlined and “WELL PROVEN HIKE HULLFORM” with 18 degree modified V, reverse chines, lift strakes and a low coefficient of drag allows for the Hike30’s to come up on a plane, and attain maximum speed quickly, while enhancing all around good performance and stability in a variety of sea conditions.
  • Aft located, and a well insulated machinery space provides good boat trim and also aids in reduction of  accommodation and Wheelhouse noise.
  • Predominantly a web and longitudinally framed hull, provides high strength but light weight.
  • Hull is stress relieved with a patented and proven stress relief process “during welding”, reducing distortion and residual hull stress.
  • All welding is carried out by CWB (Equivalent to AWS) certified welders.    View the HIKE30 Series video here

Hike Metal Products manufactures the most agile Patrol and Workboats in the industry.  Our HIKE30  Series of Workboats  come up on plane and attain top speeds quickly in all types of sea conditions, whether on lakes, Rivers, Coastlines, or Harbors.

Hike Metal Products 30 Series Law Enforcement Patrol Boats and Work Boats

HIKE30 Series Patrol and Workboats for Law Enforcement Agencies Worldwide

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