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Page: Oil Spill Recovery Vessel

Hike Metal Heavy Duty Oil Spill Recovery and Transfer Vessels (HORT)

Custom Dual Skimmer Heavy Oil Spill Recovery Transfer Boat and Transport Barge

Vessel Particulars:

  • Trailer-able (with over-width permit)
  • Low Maintenance Heavy Duty constructed of marine grade aluminum (unpainted).
  • Certified welding to CSA / AWS standards.
  • Closed circuit engine cooling systems
  • Lifting eyes for easy lifting & transport
  • Operable with only (2) person response team
  • Bottom of Hull Skin: 5/16 inch aluminum
  • Sides and Deck: ¼ inch aluminum
  • Overall Length: 10.06 meters
  • Overall Beam: 3.5 meters
  • Depth at Sides: 1.80 meters
  • Approximate Draft Midship: 0.50 meters
  • Approximate Displacement: 7.6 metric tons (with empty tanks)
  • Propulsion: Hydro Armor Hydraulic , or Olympic drive
  • Engine: M-130C Perkins Diesel (130 HP)
  • Recovery Tank Capacity:  5.50 metric tons
  • Approximate Displacement:   13.5 metric tons (with full tanks)
  • Classification: Designed and built to ABS “small craft rules” and DOT TP1332 (non-inspected as vessel is under 15 Tons )

 Vessel Standards, Optional Equipment and Outfit Available:

  • Single Olympic drive leg/hydrostatic drive , or
  • Hydro Armor drive legs (2) (engine fitted and supplied with a hydraulic pump drive)
  • Hydraulics and controls (deck mounted control stand) for operating all specialized equipment, includes all hydraulic pumps, propulsion control, all stainless hydraulic tubing and fittings installed
  • Wheelhouse on aft deck (completely enclosed with sliding door and sliding windows)
  • Bollards on fore and aft deck
  • Side engine room access hatch
  • Engineered lifting lugs
  • One (1) anchor with line
  • Two (2) ventilation channels at the sides of wheelhouse
  • Sliding cabin door and windows in wheelhouse
  • Wheelhouse heater, (or A/C if required)
  • Two (2) fold down seats in wheelhouse
  • Hooks on hand rail for storage of docking pole
  • Rubber bumpers on bow for protection of skimming units
  • 12 Volt DC
  • Dashboard includes electrical panel, meters, alarms and accessory plug
  • Searchlight
  • Wiper
  • Engine room heat detector
  • Horn/strobe combo
  • Lighting for wheelhouse, engine room and deck
  • Battery disconnects located in engine room accessible from deck via hatch
  • Two (2) 72″ ERE Dynamic Incline-Plane Skimmers mounted on barge
  • One (1) 5,000 lbs. capacity (maximum operating capacity of 1,200 lbs.)
  • Safety control switch
  • Protective canvas cover for controls
  • One (1) Foilex TDS250 Transfer Pump for offloading onboard reservoir C/W
  • One (1) water injection flange
  • 90 elbow and 6’6” tank truck hose for discharge
  • 15’ discharge hose for loading ballast
  • Solid mount to secure TDS250 to hull
  • One (1) Pressure Washer for Water Injection c/w 25 ft injection hose (2500 PSI)
  • Six (6) x 50’ x 6” – Lay Flat Discharge Hose (operating pressure 150 PSI)

Vessel On Board Oil Storage:

  • One (1) below deck oil reservoir / holding tank (approximate 5m3 capacity)
  • One (1) hatch access located at rear of holding tank for regular discharge complete with safety railing
  • One (1) hatch access located at bow of barge for additional clean-out
  • Four (4) oval hatch accesses located on deck

 Vessel Manuals, Schematics and Documentation:

  • One (1) set of Main Engine Operating Manual
  • One (1) set of Main Engine Parts Manual
  • One (1) set of Manuals of Supplied / Specialized Equipment
  • One (1) electronic copy of all Manuals
  • One (1) lubrication and maintenance checklist
  • One (1) set of electrical and hydraulic schematic drawings
  • One (1) general arrangement drawing
  • One (1) main construction arrangement (same as general arrangement drawing)
  • One (1) Certification letter that the barge is built to TP1332E Standards
  • One (1) copy of documentation for all procedures and tests performed.

Vessel Safety Equipment:

  • Two (2) life jackets
  • One (1) hand bilge
  • Two (2) life rings with lines
  • One (1) fire extinguisher

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